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The second activist lab in-person workshop in Africa brought together a group of passionate young feminists from across the continent, focusing on the theme of climate justice. Recognizing the significant challenge climate change poses in Africa, impacting various aspects of human rights, the workshop aimed to explore feminist solutions to climate change and its related injustices. By centering feminist perspectives, the workshop aimed to highlight the intersectionality of climate justice and emphasize the importance of inclusive and gender-responsive approaches. The objectives of the workshop were diverse, aiming to foster knowledge sharing, build skills, promote a holistic understanding, emphasize diversity and inclusion, cultivate a supportive network, and inspire concrete action among the participants. Through a range of activities and discussions, the workshop provided a platform for deep learning, meaningful conversations, and collaborative problem-solving.

The workshop aimed to create a space where youth working on climate justice in Africa could come together to share their experiences and perspectives. By bringing together diverse voices, the workshop sought to enrich the understanding of the challenges and opportunities in addressing climate change. Participants had the opportunity to enhance their skills through training sessions and presentations focused on areas such as digital security, conflict resolution, and climate justice advocacy. Moreover, the workshop aimed to promote a holistic understanding of climate justice by exploring its interconnectedness with digital security and conflict resolution. By doing so, it aimed to identify how feminist solutions can contribute to addressing the injustices arising from climate change. Emphasizing diversity and inclusion, the workshop aimed to create an inclusive and equitable approach to climate justice, respecting and celebrating different voices, experiences, and identities. Through networking and collaboration opportunities, the workshop fostered a sense of solidarity and shared purpose among the participants, cultivating a supportive network of youth activists working on climate justice. Ultimately, the workshop aimed to inspire action and empower participants to become agents of change in their communities, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary for effective climate justice advocacy.