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Activist Lab – Africa, pilot project:  Empower youth activists and accompany them in social change campaigns in home countries.

The main objective of this pilot project is to facilitate connection, strengthen the capacities of young human rights defenders and encourage/accompany their efforts to continue their human rights work.

As a pilot, AHRN has organized two activities during the period of 4 months (December 2021 – March 2022) and a three weeks’ Workshop for young at risk HRDs at African level. They have exchanged on challenges they face in their daily activities as young activists operating in Africa and were invited to collect ideas on what they need in terms of capacity building and security.

During the workshop, these activists have been trained on digital security skills to protect online and offline data; safe use of internet; how to do effective online campaigns and petitions, safe use of social media and website. A training of physical security had also been provided.