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On 23 September, AHRN gave a speech at the seminar entitled: ‘Partnerships for Peace: Engaging with Diaspora”. The coordinator of AHRN, Mr. Olivier Muhizi explained how migrants organizations can have a positive impact on their societies in light of sustainable peace building .Members of the diaspora from conflict zones are often the best informants to know what is really going on in the conflict on the ground. It is therefore important for Dutch and international NGOs to cooperate with Diaspora and Migrant organizations in developing and implementing projects in Africa.

The seminar was organized by the African Diaspora Policy Centre (ADPC) in collaboration with the Municipality of The Hague. It was an interactive and open exchange of experiences among diaspora organizations focusing on the challenges and opportunities in creating partnerships in the field of peace building. The seminar then worked towards identifying next steps and actionable recommendations to establishing and utilizing these partnerships for peace more effectively.