Empowering Defenders


Within this program we have three main activities aiming at building the capacity of HRDS:

1. Regional networking and exchange : a bi-annual workshop where member organizations meet to :

create an environment in which they are able to network among one another and reflect on their common work experiences and plan actions accordingly;
get empowered with further organizational development skills to utilize within their respective organizations; and
Provide HRDs with any other essential training for their work

2.International professional Exchange: to give local HRDs to learn from other NGOs and HRDs from abroad. This is an opportunity for:

HRDs from abroad who want to work with and support the work of African HRDs
Volunteers willing to stay and work with local HRDs or their NGOs for a short or long period
Students and graduates willing to have internships in human rights with local HRDs and their NGOs
Local HRD’s willing to go abroad to stay for a while to gain new experiences and knowledge by working with other NGO’s

3. Regional volunteering exchange: within this projects AHRN provides an opportunity to HRDs to spend a certain time and work with another NGO in the Great Lakes Region (E.g. a HRD from Burundi goas stay in DR Congo for 1 – 3 months etc.)


Within this program, AHRN plays its secretariat role for African local HRDS or their NGOs by helping them to develop or improve projects. We mainly focus on:

  • Women and girl’s rights
  • Child rights
  • Environment and land rights
  • Human rights and business
  • Etc.

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