Address : Mboko Center RN5, community sector of Tanganika ,Territory of Fizi, Province South– Kivu DR Congo.
Contact person : Marie BUNYEMU- KAHOTO , executive secretary.
Tel : +243810551553. +243810064712
Email : ,

Who are we ?

Ensemble pour la promotion de la Femme et de la Famille (EPF) or in english « Together for the promotion of the woman and the family », is a women organization for the promotion and defense of women’s rights.
Our organization works with women’s groups and local women leaders, in order to execute the following actions:
– Training on maintaining peace by conflict resolution
– Encouragement of women’s political participation for peacebuilding in the DRC
– Education on women’s rights and obligations
– Addition of different national laws and international resolutions that protect women’s rights
– Training on the management of AGR
– Advocacy by local and provincial authorities

Why our organization ?

EPF has been created by women in the territory of Fizi in order to look for solutions to the following problems:
– The violation of human rights
– The lack of knowledge within women from rural communities concerning their rights and how to claim them
– Family responsibilities for poor women, especially widows
– Extreme poverty

Our Objectives

– Promoting the peace culture and the respect of women’s, children and gender rights
– Supporting women and young girls in the fight against poverty, by promoting solidarity.
– Supporting and empowering vulnerable female victims of sexual abuse through income generating activities.

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