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Avenue Musumba ;
Q.Nyamianda at Uvira center

Who are we ?

Genre Actif pour un Devenir meilleur de la femme (GAD) or in English « Active gender for a better future of women » is a member of DIOFAP.

GAD is a women’s organizationn for the promotion of peace and human rights, especially women’s right to education. We operate in 3 domains :
– Education for women
– Peace and women’s leadership
– Women’s economic empowerment

We work in Uvira, De Fizi, within the Demoncratic Republic of Congo. We work with female students and disadvantaged girls/women in order to help them obtain proper educations, work towards becoming leaders in their communities and help them to prosper economically.

Why our organization ?

The results of the efforts made to change the women’s status in society remain unsatisfactory. Women in our communities experience a common discrimination, which violates their rights, exposes them to different kinds of violence, and contains them within a vulnerable state. This then commonly prevents them from taking any action to change their fate, such as advocating within the communities or standing up for their rights. Even for those who do want to advocate for the improvement of their futures are often ignored or forgotten, thereby making their efforts result in no improvements.

We believe that women’s education is the key to the prevention and reduction of these rights violations, so GAD starts here. Beyond education, GAD strengthens the capacity of women so that they feel confident enough to get involved in the defence of their rights : By participating alongside them, encouraging them and strengthening them to get involved, the chances of people listening increases and injustice has the potential to be reduced in the future.

Our Objectives

– Promoting and supporting initiatives against injustice and poverty
– Strengthening mechanisms of participatory management
– Fighting against women and child abuse
– Advocating for the introduction of systems supporting the well being of all

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