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HAM asbl
Justice and Peace for Women’s Development

Who are we ?

1) We are a women’s non-profit organization working to promote women’s rights, peace and development. We work with local women’s organizations formed by victims of sexual violence, to build their capacities and make them become women working for socio-economic change.
HAM helps victims of sexual violence become part of socio-economic change.
2) HAM thinks that there is a need for social justice and the defense of abused women, especially in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where war and violence is an everyday affair.
3) To contribute to the welfare and the improvement of the socio-economic conditions of rural women and young girls.

Why our organization ?

Our prioritized interventions are:
● Promotion, protection and human rights defense
● Peace and conflict resolution
● Ongoing development
● Our program supports the education on peace through the popularization of the resolution 1325 of CNSU.
● Capacity building programs on human rights and democracy

Our Objectives

1. To promote and build the capacities of vulnerable women and young girls’ rights
2. To fight against all forms of violence against women and girls.
3. To defend and protect women’s and girl’s’ rights.
4. To educate women and girls on self-autonomy and on socio-economic independence.
5. To contribute to lasting peace restoration in the Great Lakes Region.

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