P.O.BOX 1509
Morogoro, Tanzania
Phone: +255 784143905

Who are we ?

Morogoro Saving the Poor Organization (MOSAPORG) is a Non-Governmental Organization established in January 2012 in response to the improvement the lives of the most vulnerable groups in Tanzania. Since its inception the organization has been front line in supporting the Tanzania Government Efforts in improving the lives of the Most Vulnerable Groups in Tanzania. The MOSAPORG established as a result of the Masters Degree Research Thesis Report on “Assessing the Effectiveness of the Non Governmental Organizations (NGOS) in supporting Vulnerable Groups in Morogoro District “. The Research Report Reveal that despite of the several support from the NGOs to the Vulnerable Groups still the Vulnerable Groups are still in need of support and this led the MOSAPORG Founders “Rural Development Specialists” thought to establish the MOSAPORG with the aim of joining the Government and other stakeholders efforts in supporting Vulnerable Groups in Morogoro and Beyond Morogoro.

The mission of MOSAPORG “Contribute to the National Development through Effective and Efficient provision of support to the Vulnerable Groups”.

Why our organization ?

Our Organization has a range of socially significant projects which will bring a positive change in our society. These projects are:

  • Strengthening the capacity of LGAs in supporting Vulnerable Children Programmes through planning and budgeting project (January 2017- Dec 2021)
  • Promoting of Human Rights Education Project Interfaith Approach (January 2018- Dec 2022)
  • Strengthening the Child Rights Programmes through establishment of Children Clubs (January 2018-Dec 2020).
  • Promote understanding and implementations of National Coasted Plan of Action to end Violence against Women and Children (NPA-VAWC 2017-2021).
  • Strengthening the Capacity Districts Child Protection Teams Project (January 2017- December 2023).

Our Objectives

  1. To strengthen the capacity of Local Government Authorities in supporting Vulnerable children progarmmes in Tanzania.
  2. To promote human rights especially for women and children in Tanzania
  3. To advocate and promote child rights programmes in Tanzania.
  4. To improve the lives of the vulnerable children through providing Health, Education, Psychosocial support, shelter, Economic Empowerment, Food and Nutrition.
  5. To support elimination of Street Children in Tanzania.