Head office in Uvira, with branches in Uvira and Fizi in South Kivu, Democratic Republic of CongoEmail : sodesf.rdc@gmail.comTel : (+243) 85 34 83374

Who are we ?

We work for the promotion of peace and democracy as well as for the defense of human rights.Our actions focus on monitoring human rights violations and abuses, election observations and the promotion of the human beings by involving women in decision making and local governance.

Why our organization ?

Human rights violations are constantly increasing due to the presence of armed groups and weapons in the area of Uvira. This causes repetitive war horrors in Uvira and Fizi.Militias, which are created by the war leaders, make the state authorities who are responsible for civil protection, powerless.The impunity of sexual abuses and the backwards customs make women rejected and neglected within decision-making processes, while we believe she has the same rights and dignity as a man.Where possible, our objective in 2016 is to promote the rights and freedom of citizens in the up-coming election processNevertheless, women remain discarded and rejected at all levels, whereas they should be informed of their rights, and treated with dignity and respect.As SODESFO has in its action plan the promotion of peace, democracy and the defense of human rights, its main focus is on preventive activities and conflict transformation in the community before, during and after the elections. The purpose being to ease the tensions and contribute to a peaceful coexistence.

Our Objectives

In general, we advocate for the improvement of living conditions and mental change in post-conflict zones. For that reason, our focus is promoting and creating projects which address the need for equal respect and dignity of all human beings. This will be accomplished through advocacy, projects, and capacity building of groups involving women in the peace culture and democracy in order to obtain change.

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