P.O Box 1731 MBEYA
Mobile: +255 692472791
Email: yopocode@gmail.com

Who are we ?

This is a non- profit organization aimed at empowering and orienting young men to realize and utilize their potentials and actively participating in community development.

The organization is formed and registered in 2017 respectively. We have been quite successful in promoting human talents, promoting community development and encouraging peace and security among the people in the country, we also play part on promoting education in Tanzania and direct participation on solving problems facing the community

Why our organization ?

We have done numerous humanitarian actions and we are still doing a lot to bring change to our society. We do the following:

  • Providing legal aid for those in need of it especially women
  • Providing counselling services to GBV victims; women and children
  • Pay school fees for 2 girls who failed to do so to allow them complete their studies;
  • Providing education about “Mirathi” to women groups located in the periphery of Dar es Salaam city including Vingunguti, Segerea and Chanika;
  • Empowering girls through confidence building, children and women groups using theatre performance approach.
  • Economic empowerment to women’s VICOBA groups;
  • Sensitization and awareness raising on HIV/AIDS, TB, STI and gender issue and mitigation in Dar es Salaam.
  • Provide sexual reproductive health rights education and gender issues to youth and women groups in Dar es Salaam

Our Objectives

  1. Promoting education that empower youth to realize and utilize their potentials for community development.
  2. Facilitating the establishment of youth economic groups
  3. Supporting youth to involvement and participation in the community.
  4. Promoting reproductive health education to youth and fight against HIV/AIDS endemic.
  5. Supporting policy and institutional change that stimulates youth to engage in economic activities.
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