Our magazine is dedicated to fighting misinformation on human rights issues in Africa

The primary goal of YADA Magazine is to raise awareness, educate, and promote collective consciousness regarding human rights in Africa. We aspire to be a reliable and credible voice that combats the spread of false information and stereotypes that can harm individuals and communities. 18 journalists from 18 African countries publish monthly articles in YADA Magazine on human rights issues and social issues that may affect them.

The Power of Information: In a world where information can spread rapidly, it is crucial to verify and corroborate facts before accepting them as truth. YADA Magazine strives to gather verified information and data from reliable sources to provide our readers with a balanced and accurate perspective on human rights issues in Africa.

Topics Covered: We address a variety of human rights-related topics in Africa, including women’s rights, children’s rights, minority rights, access to education and healthcare, freedom of the press, fighting discrimination, and much more. Our goal is to give a voice to marginalized individuals and groups while promoting diversity and inclusion in our content.

Editorial Approach: YADA Magazine adopts an ethical and impartial editorial approach. We are committed to presenting facts based on solid research and giving a platform to experts and human rights advocates in Africa. Our priority is to provide fair and balanced information that encourages mutual understanding and respect for differences.

Community Engagement: As a magazine, we are deeply committed to our readers and the community. We actively encourage participation and contributions from our readers, as we believe that fighting misinformation is a shared responsibility. We also organize workshops and events to promote awareness of human rights in Africa.


YADA Magazine is devoted to truth, accountability, and social justice in Africa. We believe that access to accurate and reliable information is essential to create positive change in our society. Join us in our mission to fight misinformation and promote human rights in Africa. Together, we can make a significant difference.