June 20, 2022 General / newsletter 0 Comment

Young African Defenders in Action (YADA), an initiative of AHRN Foundation, is a leading pan-Africanist youth network dedicated to promote and protect human rights and encourage youth groups to avoid violence. Young activists have been proving their role in making changes in Africa but they are still left behind in decision-making at all levels. Their non-violence initiatives need to be encouraged to avoid violent actions.
This network is actually is established in eighteen 18 countries in Africa.

YADA aims therefore to :

  • Build the capacity of young human rights defenders and their groups across Africa;
  • Connect young defenders and promote exchange amongst young activists and youth leaders working on similar initiatives;
  • Raise awareness on the role of youth in building peace and promoting human rights in Africa;
  • Provide lobby and advocacy efforts for the youth initiatives in promoting human rights, conflicts prevention and peacebuilding.
  • Promote interactions between young defenders and avoid fake news among youths;
  • Encourage governments and other stakeholders to involve youth in their programmes and activities
  • Provide young defenders with digital tools they need to continue their human rights work

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