Our Mission

The mission of AHRN is to facilitate, through various activities, the promotion, protection and capacity building of Human Rights Defenders in the Great Lakes region, and thus strengthen the role of Civil Society in the region

Our Vision

AHRN’s vision is to be the primary support and platform for local human rights defenders and their organizations in the Great Lakes Region and enable them to work together for a better community. By doing so, AHRN seeks a better Great Lakes Region without any human rights violations.

Our Objectives

Facilitate capacity building through exchange of experiences and information, research and internship programs between the Human Rights Defenders in the region and the rest of the human rights defenders worldwide

What We Do?

Trainings for HRDs

Within this program we have three main activities aiming at building the capacity of HRDS: Regional networking and exchange : a bi-annual workshop where member organizations meet to :create an environment in which they are able to network among one another and reflect on their common work experiences and plan actions accordingly.

Shelter City

Ensure safe working conditions, Relocate, Repatriate defenders and follow up on their safety.
AHRN believes that the encouragement of HRDs to continue their work is vital to the continuation of peace-building efforts and promotion of human rights within the areas of conflict in the HRDs respective countries.


Are you a human rights defender? Are you threatened or under intense pressure because of your work, and do you think that temporary shelter and rest can help you to continue your work of protecting and promoting human rights.
Apply for temporary relocation online Or Download the application form.