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AHRN Foundation Actively Engages at COP28 in Dubai

The AHRN Foundation proudly participated in the 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28), held in Dubai from November 30 to December 12.

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Call for application : Digital movement building consultant

AHRN Foundation, in collaboration with Oxfam Novib, seeks a dynamic consultant to identify and curate best practices in the realm of digital activism and movements. We value open-mindedness, creativity, and the ability to

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Oslo Breathing Space : temporary relocation

Oslo Breathing Space City is a temporary relocation programme with the aim of creating a breathing space for human rights defenders living in stressful or hostile environments. The pilot project running in 2023 and

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Shelter City Benin : certificate award ceremony for human rights defenders

Cotonou City, June 8th 2023 – Our Shelter City Benin proudly acknowledges the exceptional contributions of human rights defenders who have recently been relocated from Chad, DRC, Guinea, Niger, ...

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Shelter City Network Annual Conference in San Jose, Costa Rica

The AHRN Coordinator, Olivier MUHIZI, participated in the Shelter City Network’s annual conference in San Jose, Costa Rica, where he made a presentation on the activities of Shelter City

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Activists Lab, Pilot Project : 21 activists coming from 14 african countries for a workshop

Our growing alliance consists of hubs in Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East, owned by passionate young activists. These hubs are coordinated by a diverse range of organizations.

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