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Activist Lab - Workshop (Lebanon, Palestine & Tanzania)

The Regional Exchange Program 2024 is a co-designed in-person meeting coordinated by the AHRN Foundation in partnership with MAAN from Lebanon and Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy (PCPD) from Palestine

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AHRN Foundation Actively Engages at COP28 in Dubai

The AHRN Foundation proudly participated in the 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28), held in Dubai from November 30 to December 12.

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Call for application : Digital movement building consultant

AHRN Foundation, in collaboration with Oxfam Novib, seeks a dynamic consultant to identify and curate best practices in the realm of digital activism and movements. We value open-mindedness, creativity, and the ability to

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Digital Security Training

We provide digital security training for human rights defenders and staff of human rights organizations. Our team is fully dedicated and familiar with the obstacles activists face in their daily work.


Online Security


Offline Security


Use of social media

24/7 Support

Incident Response

Our Network

YADA Network

The YADA Network (Young African Defenders in Action) is a pan-African youth network that Connect young human rights defenders across Africa for their Capacity-building on a range of issues

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Activist Lab

The Activist Lab is a network made up of 9 organisationS (Actua.PE, the African Human Rights Network, Justice & Peace Netherlands, MAAN, Oxfam Novib, Oxfam Novib Activist Lab, Oxfam Peru, Pax, and World of Tolerance)

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Climate Activists Network

The African Climate Activists Network (ACAN) is a dynamic initiative of the AHRN Foundation, aiming to unite and empower young activists working to combat climate change and preserve the environment across Africa

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Social Media for HRDs

AfricanActivists.com stands as a robust and dynamic social media platform explicitly tailored for Human Rights defenders. Committed to amplifying the voices of those advocating for justice and equality

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Young Feminists Network

The Young Feminists Network stands out as a vibrant online network specifically designed to empower and connect individuals and organizations who passionately champion gender equality and women's rights.

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YADA Magazine

YADA Magazine is a pan-African media for human rights defenders dedicated to fighting misinformation on human rights issues in Africa. We aspire to be a reliable voice that combats the spread of false information

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Shelter City Dar es Salaam & Benin

In 2023, our organization has relocated 58 courageous Human Rights defenders from 12 African countries (Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Chad, Nigeria, Benin, South Sudan, Togo, Cameroon, Mali, Senegal, Guinea, and Niger).




Human Rights Defenders relocated

Change makers


Olivier Ndoole is an activist for environmental conservation and climate justice.

Abdou KHAFOR - Senegal

Abdou KHAFOR is an activist and member of the Y en a marre citizens' movement in Senegal.

Laurel Kivuyo - Tanzania

Laurel Kivuyo is a well-known Tanzanian environmental and climate activist.

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